Designed by operational resilience professionals, for operational resilience professionals


Looking to revolutionise your business continuity management/operational resilience planning?

Shadow-Planner is the business continuity management (BCM) and operational resilience (OR) software that takes the tiresome work out of your BCM/OR programme, allowing you to focus your time on the things that matter and manage your programme by exception.

Programme Management

Gain insights into the status of your programme in relation to policy compliance. Monitor updates, upcoming deadlines, and areas that require attention.


Define your important business services, critical business areas, products and more, and comprehensively map their critical dependencies both upstream and downstream.


Define your recovery strategies for important business services, critical business areas, product, suppliers, IT services, locations and any other factors.

Planning & Reporting

Create step by step playbooks, integrate system data such as BIA, strategies and more into your BC plan, and generate program reports for enhanced visibility and analysis.


Develop and manage your testing and exercising programme, define scope, objectives and capture outcomes and actions for thorough evaluation.

Contacts & Contact Groups

Efficiently manage staff contact information and establish emergency contact groups with assigned roles and responsibilities.

Records Library

Establish a comprehensive library containing essential information about your business, IT services, suppliers, resources, locations and more.


Access an administration area that allows you to configure policies, set timescales, define risk levels and more.


Establish and configure scheduled import profiles to seamlessly import data, such as contacts, on a regular basis.


Set up and configure scheduled export profiles to effortlessly extract data from the system, including BIA or risk data, based on your desired schedule.

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