Multi Award-Winning Business Continuity Management Software by Daisy

Why choose Shadow-Planner as your BCM Planning tool?

At Daisy, our BCI-certified practitioners understand the complexities of maintaining operational resilience in today’s interconnected and rapidly evolving digital landscape. As such, our software has evolved to embrace all the benefits this current landscape offers, and to fully address the increased challenges it presents. Shadow-Planner is designed to help organisations manage disruptions effectively, enabling them to stay resilient and keep their business running smoothly. By leveraging the capabilities of our planning tool, businesses can develop robust plans, assess potential risks, and establish proactive strategies to mitigate the impact of disruptions.

Smart, Simple and Secure

Taking the pain out of the entire process, Shadow-Planner helps your people work smarter and faster and enables your business to deliver against its resilience commitments efficiently and cost effectively. Designed by BC practitioners for BC practitioners, this suite of integrated software supports the entire business continuity management/operational resilience lifecycle – from impact analysis through developing strategies and plans to testing and reporting.

Daisy’s Shadow-Planner enables you to map out your critical dependencies, understand any gaps in capabilities, create plans and playbooks and manage testing. It even provides oversight of your business continuity programmes’ adherence to your policy, allowing you to manage by exception.

Platform Features

Data Analysis

Any Business Continuity/Operational Resilience Programme is only as good as the data its based upon and how it can be understood and used effectively. Shadow-Planner empowers organisations to collect critical data about the organisation, analyse it and understand where the gaps are that could stop or impede recovery efforts.

Proving Capability

It has often been said that an organisations Business Continuity /Operational Resilience programme is only as good as its last test. Shadow-Planner has an intuitive Exercise module that enables organisations to plan an exercise, capture observations, issues and actions arising from it and then produce a final report on the exercise and its outcomes.

Developing Solutions

Strategy information is critical to understanding what your organisation can do at the time of an incident to mitigate the impacts and support recovery efforts.

Assuring Your Programme

Managing a Business Continuity/Operational Resilience programme can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Shadow-Planner has a powerful task management system that allows the programme manager to ‘manage by exception’.

Creating Supporting Frameworks

Understanding your Business Continuity/Operational Resilience data is one thing but putting it in the hands of your staff in a format that is easy to follow and use is something that can often be difficult to get right.

Managing Complex Organisations

Organisations by their very nature can be very complex, with varying levels of organisational structure, geographies, suppliers, IT systems and resources. Shadow-Planner is highly configurable, making it easy to replicate your organisation and put policies in place at any level.

What Our Customers Say…

Joanne Owens, Head of Operations, CIC London

“CIC London chose Shadow-Planner as we sought an agile, user-friendly, market-leading solution for Business Continuity and Crisis Management, without compromising on budget.”

Leading Healthcare Provider

“The software has revolutionised our BC Management system, paving the way for the evolution of our BC discipline into a comprehensive operational resilience program. Our previously document-heavy processes have been seamlessly streamlined, ensuring a unified version of truth. With its intuitive platform and mobile app support, we can access BC plans, playbooks and emergency contact information instantly, meeting our critical needs with ease.”

Global Supplier of Technology Systems and Services

“Shadow-Planner has been instrumental in our journey to standardise our continuity risk management practices across our dynamic organisation. This standardisation has enabled us to consistently analyse continuity risks and their impacts, allowing us to access, leverage, and distribute responder and continuity exercises throughout the entire organisation.”

Leading Global University

“At our university, Shadow-Planner plays a vital role in our comprehensive continuity planning efforts, spanning across the entire campus. With over 100 users utilising the platform, its widespread adoption demonstrates its significance in our organisation. We were drawn to Shadow-Planner due to its strong alignment with ISO22301, ensuring that our continuity planning adheres to industry best practices.”

Our Awards

Shadow-Planner is a multi-award-winning business continuity management software tool, with an award-winning, mobile app to drive business continuity planning for the digital age.
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