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The Business Challenge

As a leading university, ensuring uninterrupted operations is of paramount importance. This particular university needed a robust and userfriendly solution that aligned with ISO22301 standards to streamline its continuity planning processes campus wide. They sought a reliable partner who could provide exceptional service and support, along with continuous upgrades to empower them to stay at the forefront of best practices in business continuity and operational resilience.

The Solution

The university selected Daisy’s Shadow Planner as its preferred continuity planning software. With its close alignment to ISO22301 and intuitive interface, Shadow Planner proved to be the ideal solution for more than 100 users across the university. The software’s ease of use minimised the need for extensive training and enabled broad user adoption throughout the campus community.

 The Result

By implementing Shadow-Planner, the university witnessed significant improvements in its continuity planning efforts. Their partnership with Daisy ensured prompt and comprehensive support, allowing them to receive quick answers to their inquiries and benefit from Daisy’s extensive expertise. The free upgrades provided by Daisy guarantee access to the latest functionality, keeping the university at the forefront of business continuity management best practice and ensuring it achieves operational resilience overall.

Moving forward, the customer looks forward to maintaining its partnership with Daisy and continuing to leverage the exceptional capabilities of Shadow-Planner. The university’s reliance on Shadow Planner has reinforced its ability to enhance continuity planning across the campus, ensuring the seamless operation of critical functions, and safeguarding its mission of providing quality education and research opportunities to students and staff.

With Daisy and Shadow-Planner, the university has found a trusted partner that not only understands its unique requirements but also shares its commitment to excellence in business continuity and operational resilience.


Industry sector: Higher Eductaion 

Solutions/services taken:

  • All Shadow-Planner modules

Length of relationship: Since 2009

Colin Jeffs,

Head of Operational Resilience Consulting at Daisy Corporate Services said:
“Shadow-Planner was perfect for this customer, as it closely aligns with ISO22301 and is simple to use, meaning they didn’t need to invest in extensive training.”

“We maintain a close collaboration with the university’s IT teams, providing timely support and addressing their inquiries promptly. Additionally, we ensure they stay up-to-date with the latest advancements by offering complimentary upgrades whenever new functionality is introduced.”

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